Software Testing Services

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A correct and complete execution of tests is critical for any successful software. Many projects fail to apply the concept of testing only when the product is completed and not like parallel process to the entire project development.


Current methodologies and process models suggest a very early beginning of the tests. Beginning from software design, test processes are no longer a complementary developer's work, in some cases require the participation of a highly trained team in techniques and specialized tools. Our company has an interesting experience in quality assurance of software products, we have an extensive knowledge of process models for software testing like TMMI. As a company with a strong investment in research, we are involved in development of international standards like ISO/IEC 29119 "Software and systems engineering - Software testing". Our services include the possibility of evaluate quality aspects of software products applying metrics of recognized standards such as ISO / IEC 9126 "Software engineering - Product quality" and ISO/IEC 25000 "Systems and software engineering - Systems and software Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE)"). We also use tools for code analysis, automatic test generation, automatic tests execution, etc. all this complemented by management and component integration tools .



Currently we are providing this service for software developed in PHP, Perl, Python, C, C++ and Java (some Microsoft and legacy technologies is available previous coordination).