Software Development

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With more than 20 years of experience in this field we have developed a number interesting projects, these products have required a large involvement of our staff to know business needs. Currently we have experience with customers in these sectors:

  • Finances and micro-finances (small Banks and Cooperatives)
  • Lines of Production, Assembly and Commercialization
  • Information Systems for decision-making (reaching develop small-size ERP systems)
  • Evaluation systems and project management for NGOs and Enterprises

We have also assisted projects for Natural Resources Management, Electoral Software, Evaluation Systems for Human Resources, Confidentiality of Information, complex systems for Documentary Flow, Projections of Exploitation of Natural Resources, etc.

Our projects are deployed entirely with Free Software and Open Source, allowing the investments of our clients to focus in professional services and hardware necessary to support their projects, we have an extensive experience in a big range of open tools, standards in the development model of open licenses software, but if your necessities require, we can offer you the possibility of work your projects with non-free tools widely used in the market.

The following table you could see the range of tools with which we work:

Programming Languages Databases Designing Tools for Software and Databases Frameworks Mobile
PHP PostgreSQL ArgoUML Php for Applications Android
Java MySQL Umbrello Qcodo iOS
Ruby Firebird PgDesigner Symphony  
C/C++ --- --- CodeIgniter ---
Python Oracle ErWin Data Modeler Zend Framework Cloud
Perl Ms Sql Server Rational Rose Django Google App Engine
Objetive C Sybase Power Designer Spring Google Datastore
--- Informix Visual Paradigm Ruby on Rails Google Compute Engine
Visual C++ y Visual C# DB2     Amazon EC2
Visual Basic y VB.Net     Drupal (As Framework)  
Visual Fox        

* Using these products will require coordination of licensing of use.

Additionally we can migrate legacy source code to new platforms and systems developed, we are giving this service in some programming languages like Cobol, PowerBuilder, FoxBase (for DOS, Windows or Unix), Clipper, Pascal (Delphi, Kylix or Lazarus) and some not so conventional like Prolog and Smalltalk. We are working under many different software architectures like monolithic, client-server or web oriented (in N layers), SOA (web services using SOAP or REST) or others like RPC, CORBA, etc. We are working with methodologies and model-methodologies geared to the needs of the company such as RUP, Scrum, Metrica3. We work closely with our customers in every step of our projects, they are always involved in each phase of the project, using tools that allow them control, clarify, suggest and approve every milestone. Finally, our development processes are aligned with international norms and standards such like ISO/IEC 12207 and CMMI, these are complemented with quality processes and software test methodologies. Regarding the control of the projects, we are using project management methodologies like PMBOK (generic) or specific methodologies for software development like ISO/IEC 29110 that define a clear path of tasks and milestones along the time.

To know about our customers who have worked with us on this kind of projects please CLICK here (in spanish).