Software Design

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Developing software is becoming more complex and specialized, for informatics staff in medium and large companies is common to be very busy in day-to-day tasks on normal needs of business, but this is not inconvenient because the staff develops a big "core business" knowledge, but loses to develop new skills and have a very little time to design new tools, many companies are "outsourcing" for this self-generated problem as solution.

To maximize the knowledge gleaned from you informatic staff and take advantage for new projects, EQ Soft offers a platform for working together. We join our experience developing software with the extensive business knowledge of your informatic staff to design solutions tailored to the reality of your business, it generates lower induction times for us and faster construction of projects.




Our comprehensive services in design software architectures begins working in system and software specifications, and all client's requirements that allows developers programming the designed tools. But surely you can ask: what is the difference between this service and conventional outsourcing?, in EQ Soft we are convinced that the success of any outsourced service is the transfer of knowledge, but we don't work this transfer under the classic scheme of training , we apply the methodology of "learning by doing", your staff actively works in the project and extensive knowledge will be transferred about new methodologies, standards and tools to design solutions.




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