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Our staff is highly qualified to provide advice and consultancy services in many IT activities. Our experience in advising on free databases engines is very long, already has more than 12 years of experience, we are boosters of the main open source databases systems databases like PostgreSQL and MySQL, we have developed a great knowledge about capabilities and inner workings of these powerful software that allow us provide you the best high quality support in the market. The design and implementation of high availability solutions is one of our most complex services, our goal is always to design the right solution for your needs and do not restrict ourselves to the implementation of a commercial solution or specific product, the core of our architectures is always free software products, that allows us a big scaling without limitation of expensive licenses.




According to our goal of expand knowledge of free software tools, we offer you a wide range of courses specifically designed for corporate, public / private partnerships. We cover topics ranging from user, technical support and education about high-level database systems. Our professionals in charge of delivering courses have extensive experience in personalized teaching and technical proficiency obtained implementing complex solutions. 

Most of our courses are teached in spanish, but we can give the majority of them in plain english if you need it. If you want to do a review of our courses (in spanish) please make CLICK HERE.



Finally we offer to our customers the possibility of long-term support contracts for I.T. infrastructure based on Free Software or Open Source, with immediate technical attention in your office or remote access. Currently we are providing this service for these tools:

  • Databases: PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB
  • Operating systems: GNU/Linux (Debian, Ubuntu Server or CentOS)
  • Operating systems: Free Unix systems like FreeBSD (ask for OpenSolaris)

* Support for other tools please contact us.


To know about our customers who have worked with us on this kind of projects please CLICK here (in spanish).