DBMS Support Services

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Our Support Services for DBMS are designed for clients that want to have a specialized support over their data administration infrastructure. Currently we are working with an important range of several DBMS world leaders, our experience over 15 years providing these services, allow us to attend a very wide range of necessities. Below you can see a short selection of DBMS and services:

DBMS Training Tunning
& Queries)
& Setup
Ms SQL Server YES (basic level) YES NO YES (basic level) NO NO
MySQL / MariaDB YES YES YES YES (advanced level) YES YES
Oracle YES (basic level) YES NO NO NO NO
PostgreSQL YES YES YES YES (advanced level) YES YES

* Only Mon-Fri between 9am - 5pm, Lima-Peru time. ** DB2, Informix & Sybase please call us for more information As an extension of those services we have an interesting expanded offer for you, like: (for all the supported dbms):

  • Data Modeling & Reverse Engineering We can assist you in your projects to create conceptual, logical and physical models for your databases, using advanced techniques that pay attention in advanced capabilities, scalability and fast performance of your DBMS.
  • Database services architecture We are experts designing reliable and robust of DBMS infrastructures, optimization of resources and components, including hardware devices and base software (Gnu/Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, etc.)
  • DBMS side Development As a software company, EQ Soft has and important knowledge about DBMS side Programming, we can help you developing very complex store procedures, functions, packages, triggers, etc. Our expertise covers PL/SQl , Transact SQL, PL/PgSql, Pl/Python, C functions, pure SQL routines, etc.
  • Migrations * Do you want to save costs because you have high prices for licenses? * Do you want to take advantage of the cloud for store your data? * Do you want to grow from a basic infrastructure to a high performance and high availability infrastructures in a different DBMS? All those scenarios and many more require a big experience to migrate between two different DBMS or the same DBMS using another design, Eq Soft helps you to ensure that all your data and logic are traveling between infrastructures without loss data and obtaining same, or better, results.