About Us

EQ Soft Consulting and Support was created as a personal venture in 1996 to serve a growing market segment that require specialized software development, since this period of time we had developed several software projects in many kinds of institutions like public companies, financial entities, NGOs and government. Our core business has changed over the years from software development to consulting, with emphasis on software design, I.T. audit and specialized support in databases. One of our main competitive advantage is that we develop all our projects entirely with Free Software and Open Source, which allows us to concentrate costs in our services, this offers a great benefit to our clients. Our solutions are customized for each client and are not offered elsewhere, we respect the knowledge of the business of our clients. Our Mission Attend the needs of our customers timely, exceeding their expectations with innovation and dynamism, by providing them with technological solutions with high added value.

Our Vision Being recognized in the domestic market and internationally as the leading IT solutions and services on free platforms.

Our Motto Maybe you could see three Latin words in our emblem, these are "Ingenium - Scientiam - Creationum" meaning "Ingenuity - Knowledge - Creation," these are our main features at your service.

Our Commitment to Free Software

EQ Soft is a company that grow thanks to the incorporation of new technologies and solutions, Free/Libre Software is the basis of this growth thanks to the vast array of solutions available that we use in our solutions. As a consequence, we feels a great debt to the Free Software Movement, it's why we encourages and supports the inclusion of these kind of solutions. Our professionals are often invited to events-largest in the country to give talks and workshops about free software movement and technological solutions, we had participated in:

  • National and regional conferences about free software and related solutions.
  • National and regional conferences about computer science.
  • Many others kind of meetings.
  • Collaborate to organize and finance several free software national events, as well as we support government entities in many specialized workshops on the topic of I.C.T.s for free. It is the way EQ Soft brings a bit for the Peruvian Free Software Movement in payment for the great advantages that we have obtained using their solutions.